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About the Kanga Course

Every year, thousands of young people transition from college students into citizens of the real world. However, even after spending several years earning a college degree, many students are still uneducated regarding the personal finance issues they will need to deal with as independent adults living and working in the real world.

With that observation, the idea for the Kanga Course: Real-World Explained Workshop was born. Through the fall of 2004, the idea was just that: an idea written on a piece of paper. In the spring of 2005, the owner of that piece of paper and the founder of the Kanga Course, Mr. Hormazd J. Kanga, was fortunate to be an intern with the University of Kentucky Von Allmen Center for Entrepreneurship. As a consequence of working with the Entrepreneurship Center, Mr. Kanga was able to attend the Business Idea Development Workshop, a 6-day course led by internationally recognized entrepreneurs from VentureQuest Limited of Denver, Colorado which is designed to assist aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to take their idea from concept to market.

After refining the idea and business model, Mr. Kanga entered the Kanga Course: Real-World Explained Workshop in the University of Kentucky Idea Fair Business Concept Competition in April of 2005. After three rounds of competition, two of which involving presentations to an esteemed panel of local business and community leaders, the Kanga Course: Real-World Explained Workshop won 1st Prize in the competition.

The Kanga Course would not have been possible without the help of Von Allmen Center for Entrepreneurship, including Lee Keown, Dean Harvey, and Gabriel Wilmoth; VentureQuest Limited, including Dr. Courtney Price and Mack Davis; the University of Kentucky MBA Program, including Director Mary Lee Kerr; the University of Kentucky Entrepreneur’s Club; and the contributions and suggestions from the judges of the UK Idea Fair.

Mr. Kanga would also like to thank his family and friends for all of their advice and support.

The Kanga Course: Real-World Explained Workshop is dedicated to Dr. and Mrs. Jamshed F. Kanga.

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