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The Kanga Course: Real-World Explained Workshop covers many subjects in 4-hours. Depending on the audience (high school, college, graduate, current workers) these subjects can be adjusted in length and depth.

For the most part, the workshops will follow the subjects as listed in the Kanga Course Textbook-therefore, the best way to understand what subjects will be covered is to look at the textbook table of contents.

In addition, remember the Kanga Course is very interactive: at the end of each chapter/subject, participants will connect each subject with their own lives through the workbook exercises. Participants will use real numbers and figures, and upon the conclusion of the workbook, they will have in effect created a simplified version of a budget for themselves.

Here is the Kanga Course Textbook Table of Contents:


Chapter 1 - Introduction

Goals of the Course
Using the Workbook
Convert Everything to Monthly Calculations

Chapter 2 - Taxes

Introduction to Taxes
Introducing Two Federal Taxes
How You Pay Federal Taxes
How Much Were You Supposed to Pay
Calculating Taxable Income
Calculating Federal Taxes
State Income Taxes
Tax Summary
How the Process Works
Sources of Tax Help
Five Things to Remember
List of Common Forms

Chapter 3 - Housing

When to Rent or Buy
Mortgages Explained
Mortgage Length
Interest Rates
Credit Score
Buying the House Calculations
Home/Renters Insurance
Property Tax
Cost of Living Calculations

Chapter 4 - Transportation

When to Buy or Lease
Buying New or Used
Taxes, Registration, and Inspection
Car Insurance
Maintenance Schedules and Costs
5 Things to Remember

Chapter 5 - Benefits

Common Benefits
Health Insurance

Chapter 6 - Saving and Investing

Other Expenses
Why Save and Invest
Compound Interest
9 Places to Put Your Money
Savings Accounts
Money Market Accounts
Certificates of Deposit
Mutual Funds
Real Estate and REITs
Commodities and Collectibles
Taxes on Saving and Investing
Principle 1: Asset Allocation
Principle 2: Diversification

Chapter 7 - Retirement

How Retirement Works
Other Things to Consider
Retirement Plans
Defined-Benefit Plans
Defined-Contribution Plans
Fees and Commissions
12 Things to Remember

Chapter 8 - The Educated Voter

Do Not Vote*
Levels of Government
What is the Role of Government?
Party Websites
How to Register to Vote and Run for Office

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